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About giving center

We all have an interest in our communities. We all benefit from an investment in our children and helping others. Be it volunteering our time or the financial help we provide in the classrooms, the meals we provide for the families of others and the clothing and homes opened to those less fortunate that we can provide, these heartfelt gifts will reap benefits for us all.

Providing a better today translates into a safer and happier tomorrow for us all.

Giving Center's ancillary goal and mission is to support families and individuals in need.
Essentially we are about providing a better future, and EVERYONE getting there safely...
Isn't that what we all should be about?
A better future for everyone?

And speaking of everyone;
The Giving Center as a matter of principle will only foster and promote such programs that promote total diversity and inclusion. Programs that do not meet this common sense standard will not be a part of the Giving Center charitable family.

The Giving Center provides resources directly to individuals and Organizations seeking support. The Giving Center will provide resources for supplies, transportation, housing, tutoring, as well as other educational necessities. Additionally, Giving Center has and will also provide support for other tax exempt non profit charitable Organizations that promote education and provide resources to underprivileged youth and impoverished families.

With the combined experience and values of our many members we will continually strive to meet the needs of those who give as well as those who are in need. The Giving Center deeply values and respects it's many partners in giving. That is you of course, the many individuals that allow us to collectively and more effectively address the issues facing the many needs of so many in our communities today.

Together we can all make a difference!

Nonprofits such as the Giving Center embody the best values of our communities. They help to protect, feed, heal, shelter, educate, and nurture our bodies and spirits. Charitable Organizations such as the Giving Center also give shape to our noblest causes and turn our beliefs into action and finally a reality.

From your local Grass roots charity to The Salvation Army. From a neighborhood clinic to the Red Cross and the American Cancer Society. From a community theatre and beyond. Nonprofits touch millions of lives every day. Think about the people you interact with daily... There is no doubt that they have at some time or another been the face of the nonprofit sector, and so are you.