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Donate Computer equipment to Charity

Donate Computer Equipment to charity.

Donate computers to our nonprofit organization today and help so many of our worthy causes.
The Giving Center is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping with the computer donation process so that your donation to charity can help many worthy causes worldwide. The computer donation process is quick and easy. Call us toll free at 888-228-7320 or fill out our easy computer donation form online in under 2 minutes. With your computer donation you may qualify to receive a tax deductible receipt which is great for corporations and individuals alike. We are in need of computers, laptops, and especially iPads or tablets due to their convenience, to help facilities hoping to spread the power of knowledge throughout the world.

Giving Center needs the generosity of those who want to be a part of our common future.

Giving Center needs the generosity of those who want to be a part of our mission allowing prosperity and growth in our common future with our global education computer assistance programs. Your computer donation may end up being the difference that enables those in need to learn in a school lab, library, foster home, animal shelter or community center. Also used as aid for American men & women who put their lives at risk every day for us, and disabled US veterans and their families who need your help! Give back to those who gave everything! Our highly effective charitable computer donation program produces a substantial impact on the quality of life for many.

Bulk Equipment, Business Surplus Computer Donations

Bulk computer equipment donations and business related electronics make up about 65% of the computer donations we receive. If your company is about to upgrade your office electronic equipment and researching a way to rid yourself of your used computer equipment, give us a call! We make it easy for your business to donate laptops, servers, desktops, workstations, tablets (iPad, Surface Pro, Samsung etc.), VOIP phones, switches and hubs, flat-panel monitors, notebooks, routers, medical equipment, large format printers and more! Your business will receive a current market value tax deduction and make an amazing difference to organizations and families we support throughout the program.

Donate computers and bulk equipment with the provided form below Or Call Us (888)-228-7320