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Donate Jewelry to Charity

Donate Jewelry to charity.

Something we seem to hold onto, yet rarely use, is jewelry. Many potential donors may have a wide range of scrap gold, necklaces, earrings or watches that are placed in a box somewhere in a closet and not being used for years. On another hand we look for ways to help our community by giving back or contributing to a cause to make a difference in the lives of others. Giving Center has meshed those two together and encourages you to donate your scrap gold or any unwanted jewelry you may have to our nonprofit organization to help those in need during this rough economic time.

Giving Center needs the generosity of jewelry owners who want to be a part of our common future.

When you donate jewelry, your charitable contribution can help our charity provide and cater to families and individuals who have reached out to our organization in their time of need. With the stressful economy and many people struggling, we strive to lend a helping hand to those who are facing hardships throughout communities nationwide. All proceeds from your unwanted gold, bracelets, watches, earrings, rings, or necklaces will go directly towards helping those in our great country.

Many people are blessed with beautiful pieces of jewelry that they do not use, and many do not know that there is an incredible opportunity to put their unwanted belongings to good use by donating jewelry to Giving Center. We believe that anything and everything is charitable, and with the wide variety of items our organization accepts we strive to work hard and help as many families and individuals as we can. We greatly appreciate those who donate to our nonprofit organization because thanks to their generous donations we are able to assist more and more people.

Scrap Gold and Jewlery Donation Tax Deductions +

Not only does donating your scrap gold or other jewelry help those in your community but it also benefits you, both emotionally and financially. You will gain such pride and joy for contributing to a worthy cause that helps communities nationwide and you will also get an unbeatable tax break for your donation. In addition to the incredible tax deduction, you will receive a vacation voucher or hotel for your generous donation to Giving Center! Our hassle free donation process is fast and simple and consists of a quick online form. Our volunteers are also always available to assist you by telephone with the donation process or to answer any questions you may have. Making a difference is a great experience for the donor, the charity, and those who are receiving assistance as we all work together and help make a great impact in the lives of others.

Donate scrap gold or Jewelry with the provided form below Or Call Us (888)-228-7320