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We make it easy for pilots or fleet owners to donate aircraft such as airplanes, helicopters, corporate jets, unmanned aircraft / drones or experimental. If your aircraft just sits in the hangar or has been on the market far too long, consider an aircraft donation today!

If your aircraft is not in running condition, we will still accept your donation and make all of the arrangements to pick up your airplane, light sport aircraft, helicopter, executive jet or other aircraft type absolutely free. We also strive to help you receive a fair market value tax deduction for your generous donation.

Giving Center accepts aircraft anywhere within the United States

When you donate an aircraft you are entitled to the maximum tax deduction allowed by IRS. To enable you to meet IRS regulations with your qualified aircraft donation we provide you with the guidance and assistance to make this happen. The first is an official donor receipt that lists what has been donated but with all pertinent information listed. This document shows IRS that you have donated to an IRS recognized 501c3 Charitable Organization. A description of your donation, all pertinent Donor and Donee information, approximate value, date etc..

Aircraft donations are a little more complicated than most charitable contributions because the value of the aircraft determines the form that must be filed with the IRS—and the value of your donated airplane can only be determined in a few specific ways. Keep in mind that a Charitable Organization should not determine the value. But there are a few ways we can always help you realize the maximum allowed financial benefit for your charitable donation that will help to benefit those who give and those in need.
1. Retention and utilization of specialized Aircraft and Unmanned Aircraft Systems
2. Termed leases of aircraft to meet IRS significant intervening use requirements
And more!

The final step in the donation process is the pick-up. We gladly bear all expenses for picking up an aircraft when needed and always arrange a pick-up time that will be convenient for the donor.

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You may also receive an IRS form 8283. You file this document with your taxes to report the value of your Aircraft donation. When the value of a gift is $5,000 or less then only Part A is to be filled out. When the value of a gift is over $5,000 then the donor is responsible for the completion of part B which must include an appraiser’s signature. As the charity that receives the donation we must by law remain at arms length from the appraisal process. However, you are more than welcome to ask for our assistance on this matter as it is very important to procure the correct type of appraisal for your aircraft donation.
Your Aircraft Appraisal should be procured from a registered USPAP appraiser ONLY. And strictly conform to the standards set forth by the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), which is recognized as the highest professional appraisal standard in North America.
All liability concerns are dealt with by mutual cooperation and responsible reporting.

General information
What is an unmanned aircraft system (UAS)?
An unmanned aircraft system is an unmanned aircraft and the equipment necessary for the safe and efficient operation of that aircraft. An unmanned aircraft is a component of a UAS. It is defined by statute as an aircraft that is operated without the possibility of direct human intervention from within or on the aircraft (Public Law 112-95, Section 331(8)).
Is a UAS the same as a model aircraft?
Congress defined a "model aircraft" as a UAS that meets all of the following:
Is capable of sustained flight in the atmosphere
Is flown within visual line-of-sight of the person operating it
Is flown for hobby or recreational purposes