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Donate Collectibles to Charity

Easily donate collectibles and antiques to charity.

The Giving Center wants our generous donors to know that making your collectible donation to charity not only helps to meet the needs of those less fortunate in our communities, but you also may be eligible to claim the maximum allowed tax deduction for your charitable contribution. Excellent tax benefits for you! The proceeds from your generous donation to The Giving Center benefits families, individuals, and other contributing organizations throughout the community with multiple assistance needs as well as other charitable causes nationwide.

A few facts to Know Before Donating Collectibles to The Giving Center: As a collector, donating from your collection instead of your bank account or your investment portfolio is ultimately most tax beneficial. When you donate appreciated property to The Giving Center rather than selling it, you avoid capital gains tax that you'd otherwise incur on a sale. Also, the long-term gains on collectibles are subject to a higher maximum rate of (28%) than long-term gains on most long-term property at 15% or 20%, depending on your particular tax bracket — so you can save even more taxes by donating your collectibles to The Giving Center.

Giving Center accepts collectibles anywhere within the United States

Also, proper substantiation of the donation is critical, and this may include providing an appraisal of your item(s). If you donate collectible items with a collective value of $5,000 or more, you'll need a qualified appraisal, and if the collective value is $20,000 or above, a copy of the qualified appraisal must be attached to your tax return. If an individual item is valued at $20,000 or more, you may also be required to provide a photograph of the donated collectible item with your tax return.

What type of collectibles can I donate?

Simply put, you can donate anything that has value. Giving Center accepts all types of collectibles as a charity donation! You can donate collectibles from almost any category imaginable. Can’t decide what items to donate? No worries! Here are some of the more popular collectible categories to give you an idea:

Comic Donations

Take back some closet space! Trying to sell comics or entire comic book collections yourself usually results in a lot of wasted time and a big financial loss. When you donate comic books to Giving Center, we make sure the entire process is fast and easy and that the tax write-off is financially beneficial. The tax deduction benefits far outweigh having to sell the comic book collection yourself, and the proceeds benefit families in need across the United States. We offer a fair market value tax write-off, closet space, and the satisfaction of knowing your comic book donation will truly help someone in need. Comic book donation: Superman, Spiderman, Captain America, Batman, Iron Man, Avengers, Fantastic Four, etc.. Complete comic book collections, platinum age, golden age, silver age, bronze age, and modern age comics are all accepted as a charity donation. Donate original comic art, original comic memorabilia, original autographed/signed comics: Stan Lee, Neal Adams, Frank Miller, Jack Kirby, to name just a few..

Collectible Toy Donations

You can expect a fair market deduction because Giving Center always strives to secure the highest value for any collectible toy donation. Donating collectible toys is easy! Simply fill out the donation form and we will contact you with donation instructions. Donate collectible toys to charity today and you will be well on your way to supporting great causes nationwide! Toy donations: Star Trek, Star Wars, Disney, Action Figures, Barbie, Warner Bros, GI Joe, Hot Wheels, Fisher Price, Little Tikes, Gumby, Harry Potter, Power Rangers, Wind-Up, Walking Toys, Board & Traditional Games, Electronic games, Vintage NES games, Nintendo, Atari, Model Rail Road Trains, Pedal Cars, Ride-Ons, Tricycles, Die Cast Cars, Slot Cars, Radio Control Vehicles, Antique Pioneer Toys, Victorian Era Toys, Play-Doh, Playmobil, Playskool, FAO Schwarz, Gund, Pound Puppies, Puffkins, Russ, Game of Thrones, Highlander, Lord of the Rings, Neopets, Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu Yu Hakusho, Alf, Arthur, Barney, Blues Clues, Bob the Builder, California Raisins, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Curious George, Digimon, Dora the Explorer, Dr. Seuss, Dukes of Hazzard, ET Extra Terrestrial, Flintstones, Puppets, Robots, Space Toys, Futurama, Garfield, Hello Kitty, Howdy Doody, Cap Guns, Cast Iron, Play Sets, Tonka, Vintage Toys and more!

Art Collectible Donations

Donate art to charity from international artists, photographers, artisans and more. Donate sculptures, oil paintings, pastels, acrylics, drawings, watercolors, photos, lithos, donate fine art, donate murals. Art donations are an excellent way to support a wide variety of charity causes. Previous charitable donors have donated items such as photographic images, collectible posters, religious statues, lithographs, valuable paintings and original comic book art donations. By donating art you are entitled to a fair market tax deduction based on a current appraisal of your artwork. The tax and financial benefits far outweigh having to sell your art through a dealer or by yourself, plus all of the proceeds benefit charities, individuals and families in need nationwide. Any piece of art or an entire art collection that you donate to collectibles with causes helps. You can donate a painting, a unique bronze statue, prints, drawings, donate Disney art, carvings, sculptures, you name it. Donate artwork to charity and receive a tax deduction for your generous donation.

Donate Sports Memoribilia

Donate sports memorabilia such as hats, balls, jerseys, gloves, helmets, donate autographed collectibles and more. Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Joe Montana, Lebron James, Wayne Gretzky, Tiger Woods, Yankees... Baseball cards, NFL, MLB, NCAA, NHL, PGA, NASCAR, donate sports autographs and sports memorabilia and receive a fair market tax deduction. Donate sports collectibles to charity; The Giving Center accepts sports memorabilia of all kinds as a charity donation. The tax and financial benefits easily outweigh you having to sell your sports collectibles yourself, and best of all the proceeds benefit families in need locally and across the United States. Whether you want to donate signed Joe Montana football, Derek Jeter autograph, signed Lebron James basketball, or donate a Tiger Woods autograph, The Giving Center is the charity to donate to! Donate signed baseballs, donate signed footballs, donate signed basketballs, donate signed bats, donate baseball memorabilia, donate football memorabilia, donate basketball memorabilia, donate golf collectibles, donate hockey memorabilia, donate boxing memorabilia, donate celebrity autographs, donate sports collectibles and sports memorabilia such as baseball cards, donate autographed boxing gloves, donate basketballs, donate game worn jerseys, donate sports figurines, donate sports rings, donate sports jackets etc.

Donate Celebrity Memoribilia

Celebrity memorabilia collectors can easily donate celebrity collectibles to charity through Giving Center. Most celebrity memorabilia donations we receive are entitled to a fair market tax deduction and is much easier than trying to sell your collectibles. Donate Hollywood movie memorabilia and celebrity items - as well as Presidential, Sports, Historical, Musicians & more! Donate Marilyn Monroe, Christopher Reeve, donate Beatles, donate Star Wars, donate Jimi Hendrix, donate Alfred Hitchcock, donate movie scripts, donate movie posters, donate autographs, donate celebrity photos, just to name a few. If you happen to have Elvis memorabilia or other celebrity collectibles that you are thinking of parting with, you can donate your celebrity memorabilia to our charity which we use to continue supporting a variety of causes nationwide. In the past we've received many Marilyn Monroe photos and unique movie set memorabilia, Little Rascals photos, Muhammad Ali autographs and many other celebrity and movie memorabilia. More ideas for celebrity memorabilia donations: donate Star Wars figurines, donate Dale Earnhardt, Natalie Wood, The Beatles, John Wayne, donate Michael Jordan collectibles and so many more. Enjoy the excellent tax deduction possibilities by donating celebrity memorabilia to Giving Center. Donating music and movie memorabilia can earn you a fair market IRS tax deduction which is usually more than you will get trying to sell the memorabilia yourself. So, if you are looking for a way to support some great causes, a celebrity memorabilia donation is a unique and rewarding way of giving. In addition to figurines and posters in the celebrity’s likeness, celebrity memorabilia donations have also included autographed photos, celebrity postage stamps, furniture and clothing used and worn by celebrities, collector’s edition albums and autographed DVDs. Basically, any collectible you may have, even if not listed, can be donated!

Donate Currency and Coin Collections

Donate coin collection to charity. Collectible coin donations to The Giving Center benefit our community and yourself! Donate Buffalo nickels, liberty seated quarters, peace dollars, donate paper currency, proof sets, eagle pennies and more! There are outstanding tax benefits for the donating collector. Donate coin sets, collectible banknotes, paper money, donate worldwide currency collection or even a civil war medal to charity and receive a fair market value tax deduction when you donate coin collections or currency to The Giving Center. Donate half cents, small cents, large cents, nickels, half dimes, dimes, donate quarters, donate dollars, donate any coin collection. Any collectible currency donation is an easy way to benefit you the donor, and to help others in the process. Collectable coins appreciate in value depending on the condition, age, rarity, or other desirable features. When you donate coin collections that have appreciated in value, you can enjoy the maximum tax deduction allowed, and the personal satisfaction of knowing that you truly helped make a positive difference in the lives of others. Many of our donors donate coins and currency they've carefully stored for years, and some inherit a coin collection and wonder what to do with the collection they have no interest in. We've had currency and coin collection donations from every state and almost every country. Donate USA coins such as colonial currency, commemorative coins, confederate currency and military payment. Donate valuable paper money with errors or donate obsolete currency, donate elongated coins, donate encased coins, donate fractional currency, donate large size notes - are all excellent charity donations. Donate gold, donate Franklin mint sets, donate proof sets, donate bullion, donate gold bars, donate platinum, donate silver or donate ancient coins. We offer a fair market value tax write-off, closet space, and the satisfaction of knowing your coin collection donation will truly help someone in need.

Donate Music Equipment

Donate music equipment to charity - one of our most popular collectible donation types. The Giving Center accepts musical instrument donations of virtually any type. Donate musical instruments such as: donate violins, donate viola, donate cello, donate bass, donate trumpets, donate tubas, donate trombones, donate drums, donate drum sets, donate guitars, donate electric bass, donate studio equipment, and more! Any musical instrument donation is an easy way to benefit you as a charitable donor, while helping others benefit as well. Donate a music instrument today and make a positive difference tomorrow. Receive a tax deduction for your generous donation to Giving Center.

Donate Antiques

Collectible antique donations are much easier than trying to sell the antiques yourself. We accept single piece donations or entire estates. Antique furniture appreciates in value which results in a higher tax deduction. Great tax benefits for you, and the proceeds from your donation benefit families, individuals, and other charitable causes across the United States. Antique collectibles: donate antique furniture, donate decorative arts, donate silver, donate china, donate maritime antiques, donate antique toys, donate antique musical instruments, donate pinball machines, donate vinyl records, donate coin collections, donate antique figurines, donate Hummels, and much more!

Donate Jewelry

If you own jewelry and have no use for it, you can donate to charity and benefit from a fair market tax deduction. Almost all jewelry will or already has appreciated in value depending on the condition, artistry, beauty, age, rarity, or other desirable features as you may already know. Jewelry donation to Giving Center is much easier than trying to sell jewelry online or to a pawnbroker. Jewelry donations range from broken gold or silver necklaces or chains, jewelry missing gemstones to very rare and hard to come by fine or estate jewelry. You will receive the absolute maximum tax deduction for your generous jewelry donation while supporting a great cause. Collectible jewelry: donate antique jewelry, donate estate jewelry, donate vintage jewelry, donate rare and fine jewelry, donate watch, donate rings, donate gold, donate scrap gold, donate silver, donate platinum gold, donate gemstones, donate gems, donate engagement ring, donate wedding band, donate loose diamonds, donate Rolex, and more.

Classic Car Donations

Donate classic car or other collector vehicle to charity and benefit yourself and those in need at the same time. A classic car donation appreciates in value and many classic car collectors donate vehicles due to the maximum fair market tax deduction they enjoy. Equitable restoration and repairs are made as needed for maximum fundraising benefits. Collector car donation: donate antique car, donate vintage car, competition cars, muscle cars, race cars, donate custom car, donate antique motorcycle, donate antique truck. Our most popular collector car donations include Corvettes, Firebirds, Ford Mustangs, Dodge Chargers, Camaro, Volkswagen Beetles, Bel Airs, Ford Thunderbirds, Chevy Novas, and Chevelle.

If you don't see your collectible item listed above, No problem! Just list your collectible items along with your contact information on the online donation form or just call toll free! 888-228-7320