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Frequently Asked Questions.

Below we have answered a few important questions regarding making a donation to Giving Center or requesting assistance.

What can I donate?

Simply put, you can donate anything that has value. Vehicles, boats, aircraft, gemstones, real estate, intellectual property, antiques, collectibles, RV / Campers, fractional interest in property, fine art, comic books and so on. Many items will require valuation or appraisal. Especially when valued over $5000.00. Some by qualified appraiser. (Click on the links to learn more.)

Where is the application for assistance located on your website?

For those in need, please follow this link to apply for assistance

On average, how much from the proceeds of the donations actually go to charitable causes?

The Giving Center relies on the real world abilities and efforts of our many Volunteers. Most expenses generated by other Non Profit Organizations that seem to devour the lions share of their budgets are all done "in house" at the Giving Center. Advertising and promotions, labor hours of all sorts... By working hard and focusing on real goals, we strive to reach a yearly estimate of a reportable/repurposed 85% back to the communities we serve.

How does your organization determine the amount of my tax deduction?

It is not ethical or legal for any Charitable Organization to determine the value of donated assets. Rather, the value is determined by sale or survey. An "Arms length transaction" if you will. Surely with effort and experience we at the Giving Center can always maximize the financial benefit of every donation. Looking out for and protecting the interests of our Donors is how we are better able to serve those in need.

I have an old junk car/boat on a property that I just bought. Will you take it?

While it is difficult to understand and no doubt a great annoyance, abandoned vehicles and vessels must be likened and proper legal steps must be taken to gain ownership of these eyesores. Once you have obtained legal ownership we at the Giving Center would be happy to accept your donation.

I don’t have a title; what other paperwork can I use?

Most States have a process to apply for or a duplicate title form that can be submitted in lieu of your original title form. Please consult with the licensing authority in your particular State concerning the process for replacing you lost title form or feel free to ask our Giving Center volunteers! We may have the forms you need to complete your charitable donation.

My boat is in the water, what is the process of removing the boat?

We at the Giving Center will contact any necessary parties(Harbor Master, Marina, Yacht Club, Broker etc.) to either remove your vessel or, in the event that your slip is transferable we may take legal and financial responsibility for your vessels accommodations or arrange for its removal.

My boat is on a trailer, but I am not donating the trailer. Are you equipped to remove the boat and place it on your own trailer?

When accepting any vehicle or vessel any issues such as this are considered to determine if the acceptance of the charitable donation is an equitable one. Your Giving Center transporter will be ready to deal with any reported circumstances involved.

Do I need to be present at the time of pick up?

It is always preferred but no, with proper planning all documents an logistics can be managed in advance of picking up your donated items in many cases.

If I provide my personal contact information, do you sell it to third parties?

At no time does the Giving Center supply your information to any third parties without your prior authorization for any reason whatsoever.

Did not find the answers?

In case you have not found any answers here or you have more inquiries to ask, please feel free to drop us a message and we will contact you back very soon.

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