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Donate Boat to Charity

Easily donate boats and other personal watercraft to charity.

Donate your boat to charity fast and easy with our extremely popular boat donation program. Giving Center accepts boats of all sizes anywhere within the United States and uses 100% of the proceeds to generate aid for a variety of charitable causes our nonprofit network supports.

Even if your boat is not in running condition, we will accept your donation and make all of the arrangements to pick up your boat, yacht, PWC or any vessel absolutely free. We also strive to help you receive a fair market value tax deduction for your generous boat donation.

Giving Center accepts boats anywhere within the United States

Donate to Giving Center today and rid yourself of any troubles that may come by freeing yourself from an unwanted boat. Avoid wasting time and effort showing prospective buyers your boat without any real outcome, no money wasted with pricey ads and listings, no late night phone calls, no price haggling! The only thing you have to worry about with Giving Center is NOTHING! We take care of EVERYTHING. That’s our way of showing you, the donor, how much we appreciate you and how willing we are to do whatever it takes to provide help for those who reach out to us every single day.

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The Giving Centers Boat and Yacht Donation Program represents the very best alternative to a boat/PWC or yacht owner who is going through the frustrating process of selling their vessel. The reasons to donate your boat or yacht may vary from wanting to stop monthly financial obligations like loan payments and interest, dockage fees, insurance payments, maintenance charges, and advertising fees, to conducting sea trials for prospective buyers, dealing with Brokers and sifting through unqualified buyers. It may be as simple as not wanting to meet any more strange people from advertising your own sale! As our first focus is protecting the interest of you, our generous Donors, we always seek to obtain the maximum possible return for your charitable boat donations.

We offer; Repurpose programs for donated gifts
Retention and maritime educational utilization for specialized vessels
Termed leases of vessels and yacht donations to meet IRS significant intervening use requirements And more!

There are two different ways to register the vessel you are donating;
One that is registered through your local DMV or its maritime counterpart in each state.
Or a Coast Guard documented vessel.
What exactly is a Coast Guard documented vessel?
A documented vessel is a ship with a valid marine document issued by the United States Coast Guard. The federal government uses this document to register ships of 5 net tons or more for use in times of war. Documenting your ship gives you:
Firm evidence of nationality for international travel.
The right to engage in open trade between the states.
Access to a preferred mortgage for financing the vessel.
The paperwork for the two types of vessels is a bit different.
As always, make yourself a checklist;
1. Get all of the paperwork done with us! We will even arrange document services for your CG documented vessel donation!
2. Make sure that the We have EVERYTHING! Vessel, Title, service records, equipment, keys, etc..
3. Remember that any trailer that accompanies your boat donation requires additional paperwork! It too is a charitable donation requiring a title as well!
4. File any needed paperwork with your local DMV or appropriate maritime office that you no longer own the vessel but have made a charitable donation to release yourself of any liability. Cancel your registration! This is something we cannot do for you.
5. Notify your Insurance company.
6. We work closely with you to ensure things go smoothly!

NOTE: Your state may require that all signatures on the title certificate or Coast Guard documents and application forms be notarized.