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Our Mission

We all have an interest in our communities. At the Giving Center we are dedicated to change / transformation. Moreover, to be a catalyst in socio-economic change through education and by charitable example, serving needs where they may be in our communities.
The basic needs of food, shelter and clothing go hand in hand with providing new opportunities to learn.

We all benefit from an investment in our Children and helping others.
By providing New Educational opportunities as well as access to existing ones, the Giving Center provides a better today and that translates into a happier tomorrow for us all.
As a charitable Organization dedicated to change, the Giving Center must focus on;
Providing better opportunities for learning.

The Giving Center as a matter of principle will only foster and promote such programs that promote total diversity and inclusion. Programs that do not meet this common sense standard will not be a part of the Giving Center charitable family.

The Giving Center provides resources directly to individuals and Organizations seeking support. The Giving Center will provide resources for supplies, transportation, housing, tutoring, as well as other educational necessities. Additionally, Giving Center has and will also provide support for other tax exempt non profit charitable organizations that promote education and provide resources to underprivileged youth and impoverished families.

To help bring together those with a willingness to help in both the business and private sector.
To be the most effective charitable giving resource available for both business and private sector charitable donations.
To engage with and support those already engaged in like minded activities more effectively.
To raise the required charitable funding and human resources to help those in need.
To address and fulfill the Giving Center's ancillary goal and mission by supporting families and individuals in need.